Primary Services

Primary Services

Crystal-Free Platinum – Microdermabrasion

It's beyond microdermabrasion. This patented technology gently exfoliates, circulates, and hydrates the skin with no discomfort, redness, or streaking. At Stolen Moments Spa, we pride ourselves in using the most natural form of products and procedures; our microdermabrasion is just that. No harsh crystals or chemicals are used. You will not have the discomfort, redness, or streaking as with traditional procedures. But, you will most definitely get the same wonderful results. This is very beneficial for teen and adult acne, due to the gentleness of the exfoliation and being able to penetrate serums into the skin.

  • 60 minutes $149.00 face.
  • 60 minutes $159.00 face and chest or back.
  • 90 minutes $169.00 face or back. Includes extractions or eye treatment.

Treatment packages available on request.

Crystal-Free Gold – Microdermabrasion

The "lunch time peel." Return to work with no streaking or redness. In just 30 minutes, take care of tired, dehydrated, or oily skin. Works wonders for fine lines.

  • 30 minutes face $129.00.
  • 45 minutes face and chest $139.00.
  • 45 minutes back $149.00.

Treatment packages available on request.

Oxygen Botanical Mini-Facial

This half hour refreshing treatment infuses 98% pure oxygenated active and nourishing ingredients deep into the outer layers of your skin.

  • 30 minutes $69.00 face.

Oxygen Botanical Facial

60 minute facial treatment. No gadgets! Just the pure line of oxygen botanicals. 98% pure oxygenated ingredients. The company that makes Oxygen Botanicals has developed a unique process to "stabilize" and encapsulate pure oxygen into catezome structures that "time release" oxygen and other nutrients into the skin. Because of this "stabilization," damaging free-radicals are eliminated. Leave the spa feeling refreshed and hydrated.

  • 60 minutes $109.00 face.
  • 60 minutes $139.00 back.
  • 60 minutes $79.00 teen facial.
  • 90 minutes $149.00 face or back. Includes extractions or eye treatment.

Massage Services

Unwind,... Unlock,... Release,... Clear,... Balance, and Feel the benefits from these massages: Swedish, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, CranialFascial Release, Myofascial Release, QiGong, Reiki, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, and Prenatal Massage.

Therapeutic Massages:

  • 30 minutes $59.00.
  • 60 minutes $89.00.
  • 90 minutes $129.00.

Body Works Massage:

Therapeutic massage with 15 to 30 minutes of deep tissue lymphatic drainage.

  • 30 minutes $94.00.
  • 60 minutes $124.00.
  • 90 minutes $164.00.

Specialty Services and Massages:

Craniofascial Release: Migraine relief, headache ease, upper back/neck comfort through releasing the fascia tissue that holds and binds.

  • 60 minutes $129.00.

Deep Tissue Lymphatic Drainage:

Detox naturally, remove edema and swelling, release Rotator Cuff, ease Constipation or Diverticulitis, headaches or migraines, Tinnitus ear ringing, breast drainage after breastfeeding, and feel healthy.

  • 30 minutes $75.00.
  • 60 minutes $150.00.

Holistic Office Visit for Health:

Your quickest way to good health is Sharon's focus. This office visit includes bodywork, iridology, deep tissue lymphatic drainage, herbal consultation, nutrition planning, and Q & A.

  • 90 minute initial visit $225.00.
  • 60 minute follow-up $150.00.
  • 30 minute follow-up $75.00.

Relaxation Retreat:

One hour hot-stone Swedish massage, reflexology of the scalp, ears, hands, and feet, and the organic-vegan European facial.

  • 2 hours $239.00.

R-N-R - Reflexology & Relief:

This service combines both modalities of Reflexology of the feet and Craniofasial Massage of the head, neck, face, and shoulders with our Massage Therapist and Reflexologist, together.

  • 60 minutes $154.00.
  • 30 minutes $94.00.

Other Services

Other Services

Herbal Green Peel

Superficial acne scaring, large pores, or uneven skin texture. If this is something that caught your eye, read on,…

Dr. Schrammek (industry leading Dermatologist, Allergist) has developed the ultimate in peels. It is:

  • All-natural, pure, whole herbs, and has no chemicals and no acid.
  • Wonderful for refining the texture of your skin.
  • Equivalent to several microdermabrasion treatments in just one session.

The procedure includes the initial peel, after-peel, and all the products needed for home care. Peels of this nature must be done by a certified professional, and—of course—that is who we have waiting just for you,...

  • 60 minutes peel for face $175.00.
  • 60 minutes after-peel face $175.00.
  • - OR -
  • 30 minutes Epidermal Polish 138.00.

Both the peel an after-peel must be booked within five to seven days and paid in full to ensure the effective outcome along with three take-home products. The three take-home products will last three to four peels:

  • Herbal care lotion $43.00.
  • Special care or special regulating cream $60.00.
  • Blemish balm honey $51.00.

Treatment packages available on request.

Acne Program: Teen and Adult

Besides the spa treatments listed in this brochure, my passion is the teen and adult acne program…We all know that the two leading causes of acne are stress and hormones. Mix these two things along with allergies, "modern" diets, and poor home treatment routines, and you have a great recipe for an outbreak. So, it only makes sense to attack this problem both internally as well as externally.

What makes my acne program different from others is this: We believe in a natural way of healing, getting your body and skin—the largest organ of your body—to function properly through esthetic procedures, good home routines, and science-based nutrition. I do not do what many others do who treat acne; that is, I do not just have the doctor write a prescription and send you on your way.

I always tell my clients whether they are 15- or 50-years old that this program is a partnership; you must do your job so that I can do mine, and—together—we will make great progress one step at a time.

  • 60 minutes teen $79.00 (ages 12 - 17).
  • 90 minutes deep pore cleansing $139.00.
  • Waxing Services

    We use the state-of-the-art hard wax when appropriate. This wax adheres to the hair not your skin, as with traditional soft waxing techniques. This wax also minimizes some of the discomfort, redness, and bumps that you get with traditional waxing.

    Rebook monthly and save 15% off waxing and facial services.

    • eyebrow shaping $25.00
    • lip $15.00
    • brow/lip $38.00
    • brow/chin $38.00
    • toes/top of foot $10.00
    • side of face $20.00
    • chin $15.00
    • lip/chin $28.00
    • nose $15.00
    • neck line $38.00
    • chest starting at $68.00
    • back starting at $68.00
    • underarm $30.00
    • basic bikini $38.00
    • French bikini starting at $58.00
    • Brazilian starting at $78.00
    • Brazilian with back-side starting at $98.00
    • half arm $38.00
    • full arm $50.00
    • half leg $38.00
    • full leg starting at $68.00

    Specialty Services

    • eye brow tinting $23.00
    • eye lash tinting $40.00
    • eye lash perming $78.00
    • signature peel starting at $150.00

    Reflexology Services

    Reflexology helps reduce stress. It is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands to cause a physical change in the body and to get it back to homeostasis, the body's equilibrium.

    • 30 minute session $48.00.
    • 60 minute session $68.00.

    Spa Packages

    Customized packages available for facials, waxing, and Reflexology.

    • Packages of three are 15% off.
    • Packages of six are 20% off.
    • Packages of twelve are 25% off.